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Combining explicit-implicit with focus on form-focus on formS feedback in EFL learners' written task accuracy
Type of Research Article
implicit focus on form, explicit focus on form, explicit focus on formS, written performance at accuracy level
A number of studies have investigated whether definite types of written corrective feedback combinations are more bebneficial than others. It seems that teaching writing and giving feedback to students' written task accuracy is an important task for teachers. So this study tried to investigate the effects of diffrent types of feedback(implicit focus on form, explicit focus on form, and explicit focus on formS) on EFL learners' writing. For this purpose, 45 learners of a total number of 90 intermediate learners studying at Meraj high school in Ardebil were chosen based on their placement test. Initially to make sure that the subjects were homogenous, all of them took Nelson Placement Test. Results of the test indicated that all of the participants were homogenous. The 45 learners were devided into three groups and each of the groups received feedback through one of the three forms mentioned above. At the end of the treatment, participants in three groups were given a writing posttest. T-test and One-way ANOVA were used to test the hypotheses. The results showed all types of feedback were effective inimproving written accuracy. Pst-hoc studies showed that there were significant differences between groups and the explicit focus on form group outperformed other two types of feedback.
Researchers Asghar Salimi (First Researcher)، Davoud Amini (Second Researcher)، Malahat Yousefzadeh (Third Researcher)