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The effect of strategic and online planning on accuracy of L1 learners' written production
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Strategic planning time, online planning, written production, accuracy
In recent years, the application of writing tasks has effectively shed light on promoting learners' written production. Research on SLA stresses the importance of tasks in the case of complexity, fluency and accuracy (Foster, 1997, 2001; Givon, 1985; Robinson, 2001; Skehan, 1998) since they have had fluctuating impact on L2 learning. However, what is neglected in the literature is the impact of writing task on learners' first language written production that in most cases has paved the way for transmitting ideas in L2. Therefore, the essential aim in the present study is to investigate the effect of strategic planning time and on-line planning time on accuracy of first language learners' written production. To attain the goal, two classes of 6th grade school students (n = 32, n = 24) were selected. The students did the writing task in the first session which was considered as a pretest in the study. Following a weekly "time out", in the class A (n = 32) strategic planning time was presented to the students and in the class B (n = 24), on-line planning time was conducted for ten minutes proceeding writing task. Time limit to complete the writing production was 30 minutes in both classes. The collected written data was quantified in terms of accuracy measure. Paired sample T-tests and independent sample T-test were conducted to statistically analyze data. The obtained results revealed that strategic planning led to much accuracy in post task in terms of L1 written production compared to pre task. However, the result of statistical analysis in on – line planning time was not significant, since it didn't result in students' L1 writing progress.
Researchers Asghar Salimi (First Researcher)، Elham Khayef (Second Researcher)، Davoud Amini (Third Researcher)