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A Review of Reading Strategies and Models in Learning and Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
Type of Research Article
English Language, language learning, model, reading strategies
Reading skill is a text-oriented cognitive capability applied when interacting with the written text. It is an essential skill that affects language learning and even academic achievement. Despite research on language learning has focused and contributed to the expansion of English language reading research, EFL students and even teachers are often unaware of the reader-oriented strategies used in learning and teaching reading. Existence of this gap, however, does not justify the idea of having a sole model for reading across various genres and types of assignments as it seems unrealistic. Therefore, highlighting the key models in the area, this article critically reviews the previous studies conducted on reading strategies and reading comprehension skill and proposes a framework for exploring reading strategies in teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language. This review may have some theoretical implications for the learners, instructors and researchers in learning, teaching, and conducting research on reading strategies.
Researchers Mansour Amini (First Researcher)، Ali Zahabi (Second Researcher)، Davoud Amini (Third Researcher)، Seyed Saber Alavi Hosseini (Fourth Researcher)