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A Qualitative Study on Identity Construction among Teachers Working with Students with Disabilities
Type of Research Article
qualitative research, exceptional schools, professional identity, teacher identity, teacher education
The purpose of this study was to explore multiple facets of the professional identities of Iranian in-service teachers in exceptional schools. The study adopted a qualitative design. The data were collected through in-depth interviews with 14 in-service teachers. The participants were selected through purposeful sampling. Each interview lasted up to 40 minutes. The whole procedure of the data collection was audio-recorded, and verbatim transcriptions were made. Thematic analysis was utilized to analyze the qualitative data. Three themes emerged: relationships, lower identity, and professional identity. The study has some implications for policymakers, curriculum designers, educational psychology, and teacher educators.
Researchers Farzad Rostami (First Researcher)، Mohammad Hossein Yousefi (Second Researcher)، Davoud Amini (Third Researcher)