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Effectiveness of Brainwave Synchronization in Alpha, Beta, and Theta Bands by Binaural Beats on Visuospatial Working Memory
Type of Research Article
Brain waves, Cognitive functions, Working memory
Background and Objective: This study aimed to determine the effect of synchronization of brain waves in alpha, beta, and theta bands by the Binaural beats on visuospatial working memory. Materials and Methods: The present quasi-experimental study was conducted based on a pretestposttest control group design. In this regard, 60 students were selected by the available sampling method and randomly divided into three experimental groups and one control group (n=15 each). All subjects were assessed in the pre-test and post-test stages by the Corsi blocks tapping test. Participants in the experimental groups received 15, 9, 5, and 6 Hz binaural beats for 12 min. The collected data were analyzed using a one-way analysis of covariance. Results: The findings showed that 15 Hz binaural beats (beta bands) significantly improved the subject's visuospatial working memory (P<0.05). Conclusions: Given that working memory is the basis of numerous cognitive functions, using 15 Hz binaural beats could improve the visuospatial working memory in these people.
Researchers ezzatollah ahmadi (First Researcher)، Hassan Bafandeh Gharamaleki (Second Researcher)، (Third Researcher)، (Fourth Researcher)